About us

About Sinterstone

Sinterstone is an ultra-compact and high-performance surface material that is made entirely from natural materials through a special process – Sintering. The sintering process involves the crushing of natural materials under intense pressure (>3 tons) and baking in extreme high temperatures – above  1250°C. By exposing natural materials to extremely high pressure and heat, the end-product forms a solid, impenetrable mass, and becomes a surface that cannot be scratched, burned, or stained.

Inspired by the term “Sintered Stone”, we named our brand Sinterstone to honor this amazing sintering process and the valuable benefits this surface material can bring. A similar kind of material is generally referred to as “Sintered Stone” or “Premium Porcelain Slabs”, when it is presented at its maximum size.

Our Mission: To Bring Beauty, Durability and Affordability

Balancing the cost of design without sacrificing quality and appearance can be challenging. Our mission has always been to create a surface solution that perfectly combines beauty, durability and affordability. By providing a large collection of slabs with different colors, patterns, and thickness, we aim to inspire home and business interior design.  With the superior physical nature of Sinterstone surfacing material and associated products, we guarantee the longest period of usage of our product.  We also believe that price should not become an obstacle between a homeowner and his/her dream house. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing products that are worth much more than the price you pay. When you choose Sinterstone, you are provided not only with our top-quality products, but also with our deep understanding of the material, and support on design and fabrication, which ultimately help to bring your dream house into reality.

Why Sinterstone?

Sinterstone stands for a surface material with advantages / strengths of many other surface materials, such as the hardness and lower-maintenance requirement of Quartz, the overall strong physical properties of Granite, and the incredible beauty of Marble. Meanwhile it avoids the compromises that come with these materials:  Quartz’s instability against heat and UV, Granite’s heavy weight and extra maintenance, Marble’s softness and fragility to chemicals. Besides a large selection possibility on its pattern designs, its main benefits include:

  • High resistance – resistant to heat shock, scratching, and staining  
  • Wide application – Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as it is resistant to UV rays. It holds up to the sun, and does not turn yellow over time like some other surface products.
  • Waterproof and liquid-resistance with an absorption level near zero
  • Healthy and safe to use – made of natural materials, resin-free and does not release any harmful substance, safe contact with food
  • Easy to clean and zero maintenance – a simple wipe is almost all you need to do
  • Suitable for high traffic

Our products are ideal for worktops, countertops, wall coverings, backsplash, flooring, cladding, shower stalls, fireplace surrounds, outdoor projects, and even customized furniture.

Our dedicated team of designers are happy to assist you in all manners. We can arrange quotations, samples, and support you all the way from template through to installation.