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Bring your dream space to life with the natural elegance
of sintered stone.

Bring your dream space to life with
the natural elegance of sintered stone.

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Designers' Top Pick - Unrivaled Quality Sintered stone

Designers' Top Pick
- Unrivaled Quality

sintered stone surface feature: heat resistant

Heat resistant

Resistant to high temperature, safe for hot pot use

sintered stone surface feature: Scratch Resistant

Scratch Resistant

Maintaining a new and shiny appearance

sintered stone feature: waterproof surface


Resists coloured seasonings and is waterproof, ensuring lasting beauty

sintered stone feature: UV RAYS RESISTANT

UV RAYS resistant

Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors

Terrazzo Stone Grey

Wyndham Grey

River Snow

More patterns and sizes available in store.

Mini Slab Collection

More options, more perfection

Natural Materials, Unmatched Quality Sintered stone

Sinterstone is an Ultra compact and high performance surface product that is made entirely of natural materials through a special process called Sintering. The sintering process involves the crushing of natural materials under immense pressure (over 6,500PSI) and baking in extreme high temperatures (over 1250°C) . By exposing natural materials to extreme pressure and heat, the end-product forms a solid, impenetrable surface, and becomes Sinterstone which is extremely hard to scratch, burn, or stain

Sintered stone Maximize Your Space's Potential

Transform Your Space with Sinterstone's Multipurpose Solutions for Countertops, Walls, Floors, Showers, Fireplaces, Furniture, and Beyond.

Countertops & Backsplash

Bathroom vanity tops

Table tops

Fireplace & TV Wall

Full Height Feature Wall

Outdoor kitchens


customized furniture

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A Comprehensive Comparison of SinterStone vs Materials

A Comprehensive Comparison of
SinterStone vs Materials

Feature Comparison Quartz Granite Marble
Resistance to Scratches
Resistance to Chemical (acid)
Resistance to Heat&Fire
Safty when contacting food
Care and maintenance efforts
Graphic Choices
Endless HD mimic of natural materials
LD mimic of natural materials
Natural but less diverse styles
Naturally diverse

Sintered stone surface Reviews

Michele Iannelli
Michele Iannelli
a week ago
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Thank you to SinterStone for the amazing porcelain slabs for our basement fireplace wall. We were impressed with their selection, amazing service and installation. Everything was completed quickly and to our satisfaction.
Thank you to Simona and her team for the great service and professionalism!

Martin Z
Martin Z
a month ago
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Very happy with my fireplace and Tv accent wall, the final result is way beyond my expectation. Their customer is service superb and price is very competitive.

Giovanni Caba
Giovanni Caba
4 months ago
Read More

This product is unbelievable, you got to see it before you finish your kitchen and before you regret it... you can save double your price and it looks better than any other rock out there, Strong...and super beautiful. The Customer service Feng Li and Tao Yang are Amazing, they will treat you as family...Visit them even just to see it...I bet you will buy it...

Jerry Zhang
Jerry Zhang
2 weeks ago
Read More

Great service from the Feng guy, who helped me with my finding table for the huge amount of cheetos I eated each day.

Yang Xu
Yang Xu
2 months ago
Read More

The store has a wide range of selections that all look magnificent. It was very hard to pick one lol. We wanted a more clean modern feel for our kitchen and changed out our old black countertop. The work was arranged quickly and completed in a day. Owner was super easy to communicate with. And the result is amazing! We got compliments on our kitchen 🙂

3 months ago
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A very satisfactory choice, not only in design or material are very good. The designer's meticulous work attitude makes us very happy with the result.

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