Since Sinterstone is a surface material with extreme hardness and very low porosity, it is very durable and almost totally erosion, scratching and staining free. To offer peace of mind to our clients, we offer a 25-year limited warranty. Please read the terms and conditions below carefully.

The Residential Warranty is activated upon providing proof of full payment and installation details after full installation, via email or to our office. A warranty confirmation email will be sent to you after our verification.

  • This warranty covers or applies to 

    • repair or replacement of defective Sinterstone surfacing material during warranty period  
    • the original purchaser of Sinterstone surfacing material who installed the surfaces in his/her family residence. When the Sinterstone surfacing material was purchased through a third-party (builder, fabricator, contractor, etc.), the original purchaser means the first owner who purchased and installed the material in his/her family residence
    • Sinterstone surfacing material which have been installed permanently in an interior application at its original place


    This warranty does NOT cover or apply to

    • the subsequent party with the transferred ownership of the Sinterstone surfacing material 
    • Sinterstone surfacing material which has been removed from original installation area
    • exterior application nor flooring application 
    • damages caused by improper care and maintenance, mishandling or exposure to extreme conditions or other abuses
    • damages caused by defective workmanship performed by fabricator or installer
    • chips, scratches (extreme low possibility of occurring) or other “small” imperfections that do not impact the integrity or the function of the installed surfaces
    • obvious and visible manufacturing defects or imperfections on the products at the time of purchasement
    • the logistic and labor cost associated with the repair or replacement of claimed Sinterstone surfacing material 
    • additional modification or supplemental repairs that may be necessary to complete the repair or replacement of claimed Sinterstone surfaces
    • finishes that have been altered from their original factory-applied finishes
    • any creative modification/adjustment of the surfacing material such as bending, curving, thickness changing, etc.. 
    • customer’s decision of changing colors, patterns or finishes during or after installation
    • surfacing material not fully paid
    • seam appearance or seam performance
    • final sales (sold at as-it condition) products


    It is highly recommended that the customer and/or designer inspect the full-sized slab before making a decision on choosing the color, pattern and finish of the product. 

    It is highly recommended that the customer and/or fabricator/installer conducts a thorough inspection of Sinterstone surfacing material before purchasing. 

    In the event of a defect in product, Canada Sintered Stone Inc, (the owner of the Sinterstone brand) has the sole right to repair or replace it.  Canada Sintered Stone Inc, does not guarantee the availability of the exact color, pattern and finish type when replacing a defective product; the customer may need to choose an alternative surfacing material. 

    Commercial applications (where a business is conducted) of the product are not covered by the Residential Warranty. 

    Please contact the party which installed the Sinterstone surfacing material at your residential place first when making a warranty claim. Please provide the original invoice or receipt with the name of the original purchaser on it. 

    Canada Sintered Stone Inc, has the final explanation rights on this warranty.